Established by WV Legislature in 1972, Region VII Planning & Development Council’s goal is to achieve growth through partnership of our local communities and the region as a whole. Region VII has always adapted our goals and objectives to meet the needs of the region. Over the last 20 years, the main priority of this Council has been the development of infrastructure, including the completion of Corridor H and the improvements and extensions of water and sewer services in our seven county region. But that’s not all we do. In addition, we focus on the expansion and improvement of employment opportunities, industry, housing, health care, education, and recreation.

Region VII has five professional employees and a financial consultant on staff. With a wide range of experience and knowledge, our staff has the ability to help your organization apply for funding packages; solicit engineers, architects, attorneys, bond council, accountants, and other consultants as needed; and administer your projects to ensure funding is properly managed and all program guidelines are followed.

To accomplish these tasks, we provide a multitude of services, including grant writing, labor compliance, Section 3 and Title VI adherence, 5G solicitation assistance, workforce development, intergovernmental reviews, census report updates, public and governmental engagement strategies, environmental reviews, financial administration, drawdowns, account maintenance, income surveys, mapping capabilities, revolving loan funds that assist new and expanding businesses, and a wealth of programmatic knowledge. With assistance from Region VII, local jurisdictions and communities have been able to secure millions of dollars each year for their community and economic development initiatives.  

Region VII PDC meets four (4) times a year—January, April, July, and October—at the Region VII Planning & Development Office in the Upshur County Business Center, which is located in Buckhannon, WV. Meetings typically take place at 12 noon on the fourth Monday of the month. To verify a meeting date, please call our office at (304) 472.6564.

Region VII PDC is designated as a Local Development District (LDD) by the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and an Economic Development District (EDD) by the U.S. Department of Commerce—Economic Development Administration (EDA).