Posted: Apr 07, 2017

Randolph County Development Authority Awarded ARC Grant

With assistance from Region VII Planning & Development Council, the Randolph County Development Authority in Elkins received a $90,000 grant through Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) to develop a plan focused on the promotion and expansion of the hardwood industry. 

In partnership with the Hardwood Alliance Zone, the plan will strengthen the economy of the nine-county region.

“The hardwood industry is one that is available in all 55 counties; it’s active in all 55 counties,” said WV Hardwood Alliance Zone Vice President Robbie Morris.  “Even though this plan will focus on those nine counties, I believe the state, as a whole, will be able to benefit greatly from the product that is produced from this grant.”

The project will build on the recent grants and will enable the expansion of local wood products manufacturers. 

The grant provides a great opportunity for the hardwood industry in the region and the funds will make a tremendous impact.

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